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Semantic Datagrid paper accepted at 6th IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Grid Computing.

Featured Publications

Fey, N., Tsipis, A. C., Harris, S. E., Harvey, J. N., Orpen, A. G. and Manson, R. A., Development of a Ligand Knowldege Base, Part 1: Computational Descriptors for Phosphorus Donor Ligands. Chemistry - A European Journal, 12, (1). 291 - 302. 2005.

Gerber, S., Krautscheid, H., Gelbrich, T. and Vollmer, H., Synthesis and Crystal Structures of Heterometallic AgI/FeII Coordination Polymers: (Me3PhN)2[Ag2Fe(SCN)6], (Me3PhN)6[Ag6Fe3(ECN)18] (E = S, Se) und (Me3PhN)4[Ag2Fe(SCN)8]. Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie, 630, (10). 1427 - 1432. 2004.

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Frey, J. G., The curation of laboratory experimental data as part of the overall data lifecycle. 2006.